FloodFlash enters US market, names country CEO

FloodFlash enters US market, names country CEO

FloodFlash, a parametric insurance technology company, has entered the US market and hired its CEO for North America.

Water Level Critical: Anticipating Changes to Our Most Important Resource

Explore cutting-edge research on the future of glacial melt, sea level rise, and the global water supply. From NASA’s most advanced sensors and satellites to Cambridge’s field expert working in the glaciers of Greenland, hear what’s really going on with the planet’s most important resource.



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How to Have fun in a Hurricane!

Our first Hurricane and is was CRAZY! WE played and tried to make the most of it but the aftermath was really challenging.
We are safe and thanks to a fire extinguisher our house is safe too! We no longer have a generator but we are fine. Please pray for those that are stuck in the Hurricanes!
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Erik Abrahamsson: CEO & Founder, Digital Fineprint: Discovering the data to drive decisions (65)


Ask someone to name some of the more successful UK insurtech scale-ups and Digital Fineprint (DFP) often gets a mention.
In 3 years CEO and Founder Erik Abrahamsson has taken DFP from holding meetings in a garden shed to raising £7m in funding and securing an impressive list of clients. 
He joined Matthew on Episode 65 of the InsTech London podcast for a conversation that covered:
Using new data sources for selecting and pricing SME insurance
Tips for a new company on pitching to prospective clients
Why in a world that is turning digital, personal contact still matters in insurance
How DFP is able to recruit senior people from established insurers 
Lessons learned from working in the Lloyd’s Lab
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Ep311 Where & Why to Plant Your Flag

As a general rule, I would normally advise people to minimize the number of online accounts they have, including avoiding creating unnecessary accounts and closing accounts they no longer need. However, as a regular citizen, there are a handful of governmental accounts that exist for you already, whether you use them or not. And you should claim those accounts for yourself before bad guys do this on your behalf. Furthermore, as a home owner or modern consumer, you probably have several other accounts that you may never have claimed: utilities, financial institutions, medical portals, and more. Today I’ll tell you where and why to plant your flag.

In other news: Booking.com reservation data being used to scam customers; top background check service customers’ data leaked; Finnish psychotherapy extortion suspect arrested; FTC takes on telehealth data sharing; the ACLU lobbies court to restrict Google geofence warrant data; Anker admits to Eufy camera security bugs; fake, malicious Bitwarden ads deliver malware; maker of stalkerware fined and forced to notify victims; NIST proposes security protocols for low-power IoT devices. I also answer a listener question about IPv4 vs IPv6.
Article Links

* [Ars Technica] Mysterious leak of Booking.com reservation data is being used to scam customers https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2023/02/mysterious-leak-of-booking-com-reservation-data-is-being-used-to-scam-customers/
* [TechRadar] Top background check services hit by data breach https://www.techradar.com/news/top-background-check-services-hit-by-data-breach
* [Naked Security] Finnish psychotherapy extortion suspect arrested in France https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2023/02/06/finnish-psychotherapy-extortion-suspect-arrested-in-france/
* [The Markup] The FTC Is Taking on Telehealth’s Data Sharing Problem—​Starting with GoodRx – The Markup https://themarkup.org/pixel-hunt/2023/02/01/the-ftc-is-taking-on-telehealths-data-sharing-problem-starting-with-goodrx
* [Computerworld] ACLU, public defenders push back against Google giving police your mobile data https://www.computerworld.com/article/3686535/aclu-public-defenders-push-back-against-google-giving-police-your-mobile-data.html
* [9to5mac.com] Anker admits to lying about Eufy security camera encryption; describes future plans https://9to5mac.com/2023/02/01/eufy-security-camera-encryption/
* [PCWorld] Phony, malicious Bitwarden ads slip past Google’s watch https://www.pcworld.com/article/1487690/phony-bitwarden-ads-are-the-latest-to-slip-through-on-googles-watch.html
* [Electronic Frontier Foundation] Stalkerware Maker Fined $410k and Compelled to Notify Victims https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2023/02/stalkerware-maker-fined-410k-and-compelled-notify-victims
* [ZDNet] Tiny IoT devices are getting their own special encryption algorithms https://www.zdnet.com/article/tiny-iot-devices-are-getting-their-own-special-encryption-algorithms/

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Table of Contents

Use these timestamps to jump to a particular section of the show.

* 0:02:29: News preview
* 0:03:58: Booking.com users being targeted with convincing scams
* 0:09:11: Top background check services hit by data breach
* 0:12:16: Finnish psychotherapy extortion suspect arrested
* 0:18:48: FTC Is Taking on Telehealth’s Data Sharing Problem
* 0:23:23: ACLU pushes back against Google geofence warrants
* 0:31:07: Anker admits to lying about Eufy security camera encryption
* 0:37:38: Phony, malicious Bitwarden ads slip past Google
* 0:41:05: Stalkerware Maker Fined $410k and Compelled to Notify Victims
* 0:44:43: IoT devices are getting their own special encryption algorithms
* 0:47:38: Dear Carey: IPv4 vs IPv6
* 0:55:01: Tip of the Week: Plant Your Flag
* 1:00:03: Wrap up

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